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NOTES: PJ, Sharon, TJ, and Val will be selling books throughout the Boardroom session.

TJ will also be selling keychains.

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DescriptionBecome an honorary Secret Suspense Society investigator and help track down a devious killer.

There will be two separate sessions (9:00 am to 10:30 am & 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm). During each session, readers will be split into two teams of operators. Each team will receive a case file full of rap sheets for "suspects", played by some of the attending authors. Some of them are viable suspects, others, not so much. Each team will be investigating a different murder.

Using the first clue provided in the case file, the operators will locate their first suspect to obtain their next clue, and so on until the killer is found. But ... are the suspects being truthful or sending your team on a wild goose chase?

The clock is ticking and the killer must be found before they strike again.

The first team in each session to identify the killer and return with the murder weapon in the allotted time will be declared the winner and given a gold medal. (Don't get too excited, it's plastic. LOL)

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