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Releasing My Debut Novel Into the Wild

A mini-blog, by TJ Logan



Deadly Secret, the first book in my O’Halleran Security International series, was released into the wild yesterday at 12:01 a.m. EST.


I’m not gonna lie, I woke up yesterday unsure of how I felt about it. Excited? Sure, of course. I’ve spent five years of my life working my butt off to get here. Nervous? Heck yeah! What if people hate it, or it doesn’t sell? Borderline nauseas? Most definitely. What if all the money I’ve spent was for naught?


Knowing my book baby is out there, all alone, it sorta feels like I’m in between breaths. Like I have one foot in the air, mid-step. Or like I’ve opened my mouth but hesitate, unsure of what I should say.


Let’s face it, I can’t make people love my book or my characters. Everyone has their own opinions, and what people consider "read-worthy" is subjective. All I can do is remain confident that I have crafted a story that is compelling enough that folks will enjoy it and tell their friends. And, if I’m very lucky, they will want to buy the next book in the series, and the next, and the next…


So, instead of sitting around watching sales numbers on some website, I’m going to do my best to shift my focus back to writing. You know, the thing that got me here in the first place. After all, I have two more books coming out before the end of October. Which means I get to go through these feelings all over again.




Can’t wait.

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