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A young girl, alone and on the run from a

murderous sex trafficker …


Felicity Miller’s thirteen years have been one long nightmare of abandonment, abuse, and pain. Desperate to escape being sold to a mysterious buyer, she risks her life to escape.


A quietly strong woman with her own painful past

promises to protect her at all costs …


Christina Lambert is O’Halleran Security International’s brilliant and indispensable office manager. Behind her effervescent smile and upbeat attitude lurks a dark and excruciatingly painful past that left her scarred inside and out. When a desperate and distrustful young girl enters her life, Christina enlists the help of a man she’s been avoiding for months.

A man she can't get out of her heart no matter how hard she tries.


A lethal man who loves them both

enough to kill for them …


Devlin Masters was a deadly Marine Recon Scout Sniper until a family crisis compelled him to return to his hometown of Whidbey Cove. The highly-trained killer he thought he'd left behind in Afghanistan returns with a vengeance when someone goes after the woman he loves.

No one hurts Christina or Felicity without

paying the ultimate price.

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