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A brutal serial killer strikes again 


Dormant for almost fourteen years, the notorious Last Will and Testament Killer has returned to claim another victim.


A young woman sets a trap using herself as bait


Tormented by the part she played in her sister's death,

Kinsley Hill has dedicated her life to hunting down the monster

who destroyed her family.

Nothing and no one will stop her, not even the annoyingly

charming man with secrets of his own.

An enigmatic man is the only thing standing

between her and a killer


OSI Operative and former Seattle SWAT team member, Killian O'Halleran has seen the uglier side of humanity. After a crushing betrayal by someone he trusted, he has vowed to never get serious

with another woman again. Then Kinsley Hill bursts into his life

and flips everything upside down.

Could the person Kinsley's been hunting all these years be someone

she knows and trusts? She and Killian are in a race against the clock

to find out before another innocent woman loses her life.

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