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A six-year-old girl who witnessed her mother’s murder…


As a child, Dulce Houldcroft lost everything—her mother and father, the only home she’d ever known, and the sense of safety and security every child deserves. Years later, when danger comes for her, she finds out that

everything she believed was a lie.


A solitary man is driven by the need to make up for past mistakes…


Cole Lambert’s need for vengeance for what happened to his younger sister fuels his mission to destroy human traffickers. Years ago, he willingly

traded his soul for a dark and bloody past littered with violence and death.

Not once has he regretted his choice—until meeting Dulce.


A dangerous cartel has targeted her for elimination…


Cole learns of threats to Dulce, and the killer inside of him—the one lurking just beneath the surface—goes scorched earth on everyone involved.

But once he knows she’s safe, he’ll move on.


Will Cole be able to leave behind the only woman he’s ever loved?

Can Dulce convince him he is deserving of love and redemption?

Or will he break her heart before he knows the secret she carries inside?

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