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A demented killer with a score to settle …

Two young women are kidnapped, their bodies discovered months later after being buried alive. The only clues left behind—their handwritten Last Will and Testaments. Has an evil psychopath from the past returned to pick up where he left off? Or is there an even more deadly copycat.


An intelligent, strong-willed woman with something to prove…

Emily O’Halleran will let nothing and no one stand in the way of finding the person responsible for killing her childhood friend. Not her five over-protective brothers, and certainly not the man who rejected her, the man she can’t get out of her head … or heart.


A warrior who’s willing to fight dirty to protect her…

Mason Croft may not be able to stop his best friend’s sister from investigating, but he can certainly watch over her. No great hardship, since he’s crazy about the tenacious, tenderhearted woman. Too bad he can’t tell her how he feels without losing the only family he’s ever had.


Will Emily and Mason find the killer before he has a chance to claim his next victim? Emily’s life could depend on it.

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