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Romantic Suspense book
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Deadly Apprentice, book 5 in the O'Halleran Security Int'l. romantic suspense series

"Dang, TJ Logan NEVER disappoints. I've loved every single book in the O'Halleran Security series, but I think Mathias may be my new favorite. Such a patient, sexy, lovable badass! Beatrice needed a little time to get used to him and his larger-than-life presence, and he gave her that - while also advancing his pursuit. Bea is such a smart, focused, caring woman. I especially liked that she had such a great relationship with her parents. It's nice to read about two leading characters who each have strong family bonds. They have issues. There are things they have to work through (including bringing down a serial killer!) but abuse from family isn't a problem. I love that. Oh, and I LOVE how close Mathias is to his twin. (I'm sure Killian's book is going to be amazing as well!) The evil bad guy deserves a lot of sympathy. There's a secondary female character who I think will also get a story - she was that interesting (and also pretty twisted). I can't wait to see what else this author has in store. Whatever it is, I'm confident it'll be amazing. Highly recommended - but then I recommend the entire series. It's a winner!"

             -- Lori Foster, NY Times Bestselling Author

His scars are a gruesome reminder of why

they all must die…


To purge the terror from his past, a madman sets about punishing innocent victims for the crimes of another. Each death brings him one step closer to his ultimate target. Will he make it through his list before his secrets are revealed?


A former cop who learned playing by the rules

gets people killed…


Mathias O’Halleran gives up his career as a cop after an innocent child dies on his watch. He goes to work for O’Halleran Security Int'l., where red tape and bureaucracy never get in the way of justice. When five men who served their country with honor disappear then turn up dead, he’ll do whatever it takes, cross any line to take down the person responsible.

A renowned forensic pathologist holds the key to

bringing down a murderer…


Dr. Beatrice Rose Parker was a solitary child with a love of books and science. She has dedicated her life to giving voice to the dead and closure to their families. Beatrice faces the biggest challenge of her career when the mutilated remains of five men are found.

Can Beatrice piece together the forensic puzzle before the killer moves to the next name on his list? What will Mathias do when his father becomes the only obstacle between the murderer and his freedom?

"What a fabulous book. I couldn’t put it down. I usually do a re-read of prior books in the series before starting the new one but my TBR pile is so large I skipped that step. But, now I have to go back to the others because I was reminded how good they were. You can’t go wrong reading this book or this entire series. Well I’m off to start my re-read."

-- lisawebbergm, BookBub

"As expected, Deadly Apprentice is as good or maybe even better than the preceding 4 books in this series. I would recommend starting at the beginning of the O’Halleran Security Int’l (OSI) series and binge reading them all!!!"

-- Sue, Amazon Reader

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