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The mission of the Dark Ops division is to identify, locate, and

liberate victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking,

and to destroy the individuals and organizations responsible.



Calliope Daniels is a tough, wily, covert operative with the elite Dark Ops division of O’Halleran Security International. As one of the world’s most skilled snipers, she has an almost ethereal ability to get in, take out her target, and get out without anyone knowing she was ever there. It’s why they call her The Wraith. She doesn’t take crap from anyone, especially a lazy, cocky, has-been helo pilot with haunted eyes who stirs an inexplicable desire she’s finding difficult to ignore.


Former Special Operations helo pilot Lucas O’Halleran is a man drowning in grief and teetering on the edge of oblivion. He’s distanced himself from his family, he rarely sleeps, drinks too much, and doesn’t fear death. Lucas lives for only one thing—to hunt down the man who took everything from him and burn his entire organization to the ground. But he’s distracted by a mouthy, sharp-tongued sniper who looks like a cheerleader and makes him want things he doesn’t deserve.


Lucas and Calliope are thrown together and must navigate the dangerous world of cartel warfare. When the lines between duty and desire become blurred, can the tortured pilot and The Wraith set aside their vulnerabilities to pursue their undeniable attraction? Or will death catch up to them both?

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