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An honorable man driven by the need for retribution …


Caleb O'Halleran is a Tactical K9 Specialist with the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team. Finding the traitor responsible for his K9 partner’s death is the only thing that matters … until he meets an enchanting, strong-willed doctor.


A noble doctor determined to help others …


Dr. Dawn Pannikos is a busy ER doctor with a surly teenage sister to raise and a past that has taught her not to trust love. There’s no room in her well-ordered life for an irresistibly charming ladies’ man with shadows around his heart.


Two innocent women dragged into a nightmare …


Dawn and her sister become prisoners of a psychopathic cult leader and are plunged into the middle of a dangerous FBI operation. Will Caleb and his new K9 partner, Jake, find them in time, or will he be too late to save the woman who owns his heart?

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