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A warrior devastated by an unimaginable loss …


Navy SEAL Jonathan O’Halleran’s world is upended by tragic loss. Civilian life as a single father and hunting down the traitor responsible for bringing death to his family’s doorstep are only temporary distractions from his grief, anger, and guilt.



A tough as hell woman who doesn’t know how to trust …


Andréa Swain is a brilliant, stubborn NSA Interrogations Tactics Specialist with serious daddy issues. She is yanked from the front lines in Afghanistan and ordered to work with a surly Navy SEAL who blames her for his friend’s death.



Will distrust and heartache stand in the way of their future …


Andi risks her life to save Jonathan’s daughter from a man desperate to fulfill his destiny in the White House. Jonathan finally lets go of the past and embraces a future with Andi. Will he get to them in time, or will history repeat itself?

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